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Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman…


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was a 1992 Horror movie starring Actor Tony Todd as Candyman, a supernatural entity with a hook for a hand, and an exposed ribcage full of bees!

The story for the movie was adapted from a Clive Barker short story called “The Forbidden”. The story originally took place in England, but was changed to Chicago.


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A graduate student named Helen Lyle is working on her thesis on the topic of urban legends, encounters an urban legend… The Candyman!


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The Candyman legend claims that he can be summoned by saying his name five times while looking in  a mirror, then he will murder the summoner with a hook jammed in the bloody stump of his right arm. I would advise against trying this at home.

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“They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What’s blood for if not for shedding?”


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There have been three movies in the Candyman series, each starring Tony Todd as Candyman. The sequels did not have as much success as the first movie, but you can’t deny Tony Todd‘s powerful presence as the titular Horror icon.

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“Come with me and be immortal.”

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