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Ash Williams vs The Evil Dead!


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When the Deadites attack, there’s one man you want on your side:

Ash Williams


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Ash Williams, played by the brilliant Actor Bruce Campbell, first appeared in the Sam Raimi cult Horror movie The Evil Dead back in 1981. Ash was one of five college students who end up at a cabin and encounter The Book of the Dead and all the fun horrible stuff that comes with that.

The Evil Dead
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Get some.

Ash returned for the loose sequel, The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn in 1987. This movie had a more frantic tone with over the top gore, slapstick comedy and breakneck camera work. In Evil Dead 2, Bruce Campbell as Ash, demonstrates some incredible physical humor and stunts. A standout moment featured his possessed hand grabbing his face and flipping his body forward. Ash is a little bit more of a tortured soul in this installment, and he suffers the loss of his hand… it went bad!

Evil Dead 2
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“Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.”

This is my Boom-Stick!

In 1992, Ash Williams returned in the more comical and adventurous Army of Darkness which featured Ash being dropped into medieval times (not the dinner theater) and batting a horde of Deadites. With his chainsaw hand and his trusty Boomstick, he’s ready to take down the Deadites and also learn about love.

Army of Darkness
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Ash had a post credits cameo in the Evil Dead reboot and has appeared in Comic Books as well as Video Games and a Musical stage show. There was even a rumor of Ash showing up in an Ash VS Freddy VS Jason movie, but that didn’t pan out.

Evil Dead
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Ash Williams makes his triumphant return in the Starz TV series Ash VS The Evil Dead, which is now on its second season at the time of this Post.

Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 1
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“Give me some sugar, baby.”

Ash Williams Evil Dead II Sixth Scale Figure

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