Spider-Man and Green Goblin Walgreen’s Exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyls:

Walgreen’s Exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyls:

Izzy and I were Pop! Hunting when we came across these two glorious Walgreens Exclusives:

Glow-in-the-Dark Black Suit Spider-Man


Walgreens Exclusive Black Suit Spider-Man available at Amazon!

Black Suit Spider-Man, or Symbiote Spider-Man, first appeared in 1984 during the Secret Wars event. Spider-Man dons the all-black suit with white eyes and Spider symbol in order to replace his battle damaged Red and Blue luchador pajamas. Unbeknownst to Peter Parker, the amazing new suit was actually a living alien creature dependent on Peter as a host… a Symbiote!

ASM #252

Amazing Spider-Man #252 is the first time we got to see the new suit, and later issue #8 of Secret Wars revealed the origin.

Secret Wars #8


Here it is, out of the box:

Green Goblin

This next Walgreens Exclusive is the Marvel Green Goblin Funko Pop!


Walgreens Exclusive Green Goblin available at Amazon!

Spidey’s archenemy The Green Goblin first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #14.

ASM #14

The Green Goblin, later revealed to be Norman Osborn, is a “Halloween Themed” villain who uses Bat and Jack-O-Lantern shaped bombs.

🎃*Evil Cackle!*🎃

Here’s Gobbie out of the box:

The Walgreens Funko Pop! Exclusives are not sold online, only at Walgreens stores. They can be hard to find in stores, however you can sometimes find them at Amazon.com! Click any of the pictures in this Post and you will be Linked to Amazon, where you may find the Exclusive Pop! Vinyls you are looking for!

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