1313 Mockingbird Lane: The Munsters!

Take a trip down to…

1313 Mockingbird Lane:

Take a trip down to 1313 Mockingbird Lane with The Munsters House Model available at Entertainment Earth!

and meet The Munsters!

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The Munsters was a TV show that first hit Television screens way back in 1964. The show is about a family of Monsters, appropriately named the Munsters, and how they live in the suburbs. They are usually oblivious to the fact that others see them as Monsters. The humor from The Munsters was drawn from their spooky appearance juxtaposed with their wholesome, suburban lifestyle. Hilarity ensues when they interact with people around town.

Grandpa Munster, Herman Munster, Lilly Munster, Eddie Munster and Marilyn. Look closely and you can even spot… their pet Dragon, Spot!

The Munsters were loosely based on the Classic Universal Monsters. The father, Herman, is a towering flat-headed giant based on Frankenstein’s monster. Grandpa and Lilly are Vampires, loosely based on Dracula. The son, Eddie is a Werewolf. The family took in their niece, Marilyn, who appears “normal” but they treat her as if she’s the unusual one.

The Munsters TV show ran for two seasons, then was later revived in 1988 as The Munsters Today with a different cast and presented in Color. This version ended up running longer that the original, although many preferred the original series later on in retrospect.

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Munster, Go Home! was a 1966 movie based on the original series with the original cast, except for the actress who played Marilyn. This movie was in Technicolor Color and featured Dragula, The Munsters Dragster, which Rob Zombie so fondly sang about!

Munster, Go Home!
Munster, Go Home! available to watch at Fandango Now!

In 1996 there was a Christmas Special called The Munsters Scary Little Christmas that featured a different cast. In this special, one of Grandpa’s experiments caused Santa Claus to teleport into The Munsters home.

The Munsters Scary Little Christmas available to watch at VUDU!

I remember catching The Munsters re-runs on TV when I was a kid in the 1980’s. I particularly enjoyed the production value of the show as well as the idea that The Munsters were a family just trying to so the right thing, but were seen by many as freaks. I guess I could relate!

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Looks like this Post is coming to an end, and as Herman Munster would say; “Darn, Darn, Darn, Darn!” But don’t fret, you can catch The Munsters on Netflix and the Links on this page will direct you to some cool Munsters collectibles! Now cue up that classic Munsters theme song and stomp down to 1313 Mockingbird Lane!

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