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Leatherface: The Saw is Family

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The Saw is Family

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Leatherface first appeared in the now classic 1974 Horror movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Bubba Sawyer, also known as Leatherface, is one member of a demented family of cannibals who live in a farm house in Texas.

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Leatherface is almost always seen wearing a mask made from human flesh. In the first movie, he has three different masks, each expressing a different aspect of his personality.

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 There have been 7 movies in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, with a Remake/Reboot in 2003 and a new movie titled Leatherface (2016) on the way.

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The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie was marketed as a “True Story” although the events never really happened. The characters and situations were in fact, inspired by Ed Gein and Wayne Gacy.

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The original Texas Chainsaw Masssacre is my all time favorite Horror movie, because of its raw intensity and simple approach. The less is more aesthetic really comes into play once the atmosphere is set. The final moments of this film are pulse pounding and harrowing.

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