Let’s go camping with Jason Voorhees!

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Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th

For decades, the frightening image of a Hockey-Masked serial killer has haunted many and did for camping what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean.

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Jason Voorhees is a Horror Icon from the Friday the 13th movie series. Jason first appeared in the 1980 movie Friday the 13th, but not as the killer.

Friday the 13th
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The 1982 sequel began the trend of Jason Voorhees as the killer. In this installment, he wears a burlap sack over his head with one eye hole cut out.

Friday the 13th Part 2
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In Friday the 13th Part 3, Jason takes a Hockey mask from one of his victims. The world would never be the same!

Friday the 13th Part 3
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Jason Voorhees Mask
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Several sequels would follow, with 12 films in the series total, including the crossover Freddy Vs. Jason and the 2010 Friday the 13th reboot.

Freddy vs. Jason
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A couple of the more notably insane and audacious Friday the 13th sequels are Parts 8 and 10 which featured Jason murdering people in New York and Space, respectively.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
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Jason X
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After several movies, Jason continues to be recognized as a Horror Icon, that trademark Hockey Mask, that unstoppable murdering, and that Chi-chi-chi-ha-ha-ha!

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Thanks for taking a trip with us back to Crystal Lake! 
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