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Halloween Junk Food Haul!

My boy and I swung by Target to do some shopping, and to our surprise, we stumbled upon some fun Halloween themed stuff to munch on!

It is nice to see these Halloween themed items on the shelves, they really help get you into the Halloween mood.

The Frankenberry Monster Cereals is one of three Election themed boxes!

Click Here for some more info on this year’s Monster Cereals Theme!

The Kool-Aid Scary Berry Ghoul-Aid Jammers are surprisingly tasty and aren’t terribly full of sugar. They are a slight variation from the past,  where the flavor was titled: “Scary Blackberry”

I’m actually digging the flavor of #ScaryBerry #GhoulAid #KoolAid Jammers 🎃 #TasteTest

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Speaking of Ghoul-Aid, for some strange reason, this year the Lunchables do not come with Ghoul-Aid. Bummer.

The Cheetos Bag O’ Bones are another carryover from last year as well, however I have heard that there is a new Flaming Hot version, but we didn’t see it at the store.

Click Here for Our Cheetos Bag O’ Bones Taste Test Video!

Stay tuned for more Halloween goodies from us as we get closer to:

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