Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Elena of Avalor!

In the United States, National Hispanic Heritage Month goes from September 15 to October 15.

I have always found it interesting that the “Month” cuts across two months! Personally, I am happy to see a time where we can celebrate Hispanic or Latino heritage, seeing as myself and my family are Americans of Latin descent. I am proud to be both American and Hispanic, although my Spanish isn’t that great, I prefer to call it Spanglish! As a Geek with children, one topic that comes up often is representation. Diversity is important in my opinion, and it is only fair to all cultural groups that everyone has their time to shine and others can admire compassionately. Basically, loving your heritage doesn’t mean you look down or de-value others. I am honest when I say that I am fascinated by all of the cultural groups that have come together in our wonderful melting pot, the USA.  Having said that, usually the Hispanic/Latino group is under represented in Movies and TV. Sometimes, though, they do get things right:

Now time to get off my soapbox, and take a look at Disney’s first Latino inspired Princess…


…Elena of Avalor!

Now let’s share a few quick facts about Disney’s latest Princess:


Elena Castillo Flores, or Elena of Avalor, is the crowned princess of the land of Avalor.


After an encounter with an evil Sorceress, Elena was trapped inside a gem for 40 years, but didn’t age.


She has a spirit animal named Zuzo.


She has a friend named Mateo (pictured: top left) who is a young Wizard. My son affectionately refers to him as “Latino Harry Potter”!


She sometimes flies upon a Jaquin, which is a Griffin-like mystical creature.

Her Family is very important to her and they are part of her council, which help her to make descisions  and rule her land.

As a American Latino with two kids, a boy and a girl, I’m happy to see them enjoy entertainment that represents diversity and also celebrates what makes us all special. So, no matter who you are, get out there and celebrate life!

Elena of Avalor

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