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Captain America: Civil War is now Available on Blu-Ray!

The Marvel Studios smash hit Captain America: Civil War finally comes home to Blu-Ray!

The most epic version available here is the 3-D Blu-Ray plus regular Blu-Ray Combo that comes with Digital Copy and Extra Special Features from Target:

Captain America: Civil War 3-D Blu-Ray Combo Target Exclusive!

CA:CW 3-D Combo
Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (Target Exclusive 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital HD)

If you’re like me and don’t have a super fancy 3-D home system, you can snag the regular Blu-Ray, which if you really think about it isn’t so regular! It still comes with Extra Special Features and a Comic Download!

Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray Target Exclusive!

CA:CW Blu-Ray
Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (Target Exclusive/Blu-ray + Comic Download)

Target Exclusive Bonus Content:

Trace the evolution of Bucky Barnes, a character who has a long history with Steve Rogers, from his earliest days as Cap’s best friend through his years as the Winter Soldier and beyond. Then learn how Team Cap’s Scott Lang was able to transform from Ant-Man to Giant-Man at a critical moment in Captain America: Civil War.

I personally have collected all of the Marvel Studios Movies so far on Blu-Ray except for Iron Man 3… For reasons. 

IM3 Blu-Ray

I definitely plan on adding Captain America: Civil War to my collection, even though we already have the VUDU Digital version, because I like having the hard copy to display… or if the unthinkable happens: the Internet goes out!

Well, I hope this has been informative, and if you decide to add this movie to your Blu-Ray collection, think of us and use the Links here in our Post!

Thanks everyone!

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