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Spectacular Spidey Chair Cape!

I have to admit, I’ve seen some of the previous Chair Capes and thought; “Oh, that’s cute.” and never really paid them much mind. But, yours truly is a sucker for the good old Web Slinger, so this new one really caught my eye.


What I like is how audacious it is: Spider-Man doesn’t even wear a cape! Previous versions: Batman, Superman, Vision and even Wonder Woman sorta has a robe/cape thing… You get where  I’m coming from?


I mean, the closest thing Spider-Man has are those little webby things under his arm pits.. I don’t think they count. Anyway, where do I pre-order this thing?

Oh, here:

Pre-Order Spider-Man Chair Cape from Entertainment Earth!


Oh wait… The whole premise of my faux nerd rage has been in vain:

There is a Deadpool one!



Deadpool also doesn’t wear a cape… He just has plenty of pouches!

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