Exclusive PGM Version of the Maz Kanata Mini Bust

You may have already seen our Post about the upcoming Maz Kanata Star Wars: The Force Awakens 1:6 Scale Mini-Bust here, but now it is time to take a look at a slightly different, exclusive version only available to Gentle Giant Ltd Premier Guild Membership (PGM) Members:


Maz Kanata Mini Bust PGM Version


“That lightsaber was Luke’s. And his father’s before him. And now, it calls to you.”

Official Info from Gentle Giant Ltd

The mysterious pirate queen Maz Kanata has been part of the galactic smuggling scene for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years before the rise of the First Order, Maz had been already travelling the galaxy while understanding her own sensitivity to The Force. This Premier Guild Membership Exclusive includes an additional left arm holding Luke Skywalker’s long lost lightsaber!

Gentle Giant is proud to present the Maz Kanata Mini Bust! This amazingly detailed mini bust has been digitally sculpted using top of the line 3D software, prototyped using 3D Systems industrial 3D printers. The final product is hand cast in polystone, and painstakingly hand painted so that no detail is missed.


Maz Kanata: I am no Jedi, but I know the Force.

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