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Take Flight With Captain Marvel

Let’s take flight with Captain Marvel!

Today, my daughter picked out the Captain Marvel Funko Pop! Vinyl figure, so I decided we should finally do a Post on Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel Funko Pop!


Captain Marvel Funko Pop! out of the box and into our collection!

First, to avoid any confusion, we will be talking about the Marvel Comic Books Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel and not the (D.C.) Shazam! version. Maybe we will give Billy Batson his due in a later Post, but I digress!

Once we get past that hurdle, then we are compelled to point out that Carol is not the first to take on the Captain Marvel moniker within the Marvel Universe.


Marvel at the Captain Marvel Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles! Really bad Pun intended!

Originally, Captain Marvel was a Kree alien named Mar-Vell. Head spinning yet? I must also point out that another character to take on the Captain Marvel handle before Carol was Monica Rambeau. Again, maybe for another Post, or if they ever make a collectible out of her!


Ok, let’s get to Carol as fast as possible: So let’s quickly get Phyla-Vell, Khn’nr and Noh-Varr out of the way… So, that brings us to Carol Danvers, who after a long stretch as the hero Ms. Marvel, became the latest Captain Marvel.


Carol Danvers was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13. She is a Human/Kree hybrid by way of absorbing the explosion of a Kree device and her powers consist of flight, strength, speed, energy blasts and sometimes a “Seventh Sense“.


 The Marvel Studios MCU version of Captain Marvel will premiere in 2019 with the focus on Carol Danvers, who will be played by Actress Brie Larson. I’m looking forward the the MCU take on the character of Captain Marvel and it is very exciting to see a female superhero lead her own feature!

Captain Marvel Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure

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