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SDCC 2016 Teaser Trailer Wrap-Up


SDCC 2016 Teaser Trailer Wrap-Up

There was a ton of stuff going on this year at San Diego Comic-Con, including some huge Movie Trailers! Here are a few of the heavy hitters:

Wonder Woman

Here is the Poster for Wonder Woman’s solo movie:


Here is the Trailer:

Justice League

Next up, also from Warner Brothers, we have special Comic-Con footage of the upcoming Justice League movie:


Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Here is the Poster for Skull Island: Reign of Kong:


A surprisingly intense trailer for the new King Kong movie:

Doctor Strange

A new supremely trippy Doctor Strange Poster:


And a new trailer for Marvel Studio’s next Superhero movie:

What a great time to be a fan! We’ve got so much great Entertainment to look forward to.

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