Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box

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Via Marvel Collector Corps:

In honor of our fantastic first year, we’ve released a Year One Super Box. This box is bigger and better than anything that’s come before, and it’s now available to all active subscribers!
The Year One Super Box will cost $125, including shipping, and will be available until stock runs out. Supplies are extremely limited, so if you want the box, you’ll need to act fast! Simply log into your account and check your Members Only Products section. As long as you have an active membership, a credit card attached to your account, and a US or Canadian shipping address, you should see the Year One Super Box in the Exclusives section as long as supplies are left!
Limit is 1 per user account, and the box will ship in late July. Note that, if you’re a PayPal customer, you’ll need to switch to credit card in order to be eligible!

We’re currently subscribers to MCC and it is my favorite Sub Box, but wow, this box must be pretty epic for $125.00.
imageI’m very intrigued by this Exclusive Box, but frankly might not be able to afford it. Ah, the curse of living in such a Golden Age of Collectibles!

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