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Star Wars Sale at Entertainment Earth!

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Here are the [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] Collectibles that are 20% off today at [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-EA-Company-Link-List”]


Order Star Wars Black Series Dutch Vander 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!


Order Star Wars: The Force Awakens Furbacca Chewbacca Furby Toy from Entertainment Earth!


Order Star Wars Clone Trooper Utapau Premium Hikari Figure EE Exc. from Entertainment Earth!


Order Star Wars Jabba Nesting Dolls Entertainment Earth Exclusive from Entertainment Earth!

These select [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] items are on sale at [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-EA-Company-Link-List”] July 14 from 12 AM Pacific Standard Time (3 AM Eastern) to 11:59 Pacific Standard Time (2:59 Eastern)!

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