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Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con Day 9

[xyz-ihs snippet=”SS-Online-Comic-Con-Text”] Day 9

Now, I know it is my (Self-Appointed) job to keep you all up to date on all of the current exclusives, but I’m simply blown away by all of the awesome-ness that has been coming out! image

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Sideshow-Collectibles-Text-Link”] has no shortage of Premium Collectibles, so why not just keep ’em coming? First up, you’ll see this guy in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, although he’ll look a little different!


Here is a little preview of what the Killer Croc PFF, Premium Format Figure, will look like: image

If you have been eying the Hot Toys “The Bat” – I’m sorry, it’s the Batwing in my book, then there is no better time than now:


DC Comics The Bat Deluxe DC Comics Collectible Set

So, there you have it: [xyz-ihs snippet=”SS-Online-Comic-Con-Text”]Day 9! I’m just barely making it in before Midnight! Enjoy!


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