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Godzilla breaks the Bank!

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This July fourth weekend El Rey Network is running a Godzilla movie marathon and it has me all giddy with man-child nostalgia for my childhood in Hawaii, where in my mind, at anytime Godzilla could arise from the ocean and trample over everything!


Back in the 80’s, it seemed like there was a Godzilla movie double-feature on TV every Saturday! I remeber the epic showdowns, thundering music score and completely ludicrous and charming audio dubs! I loved every minute of them. There was something so exhilarating about this giant, dangerous monster, who was also a hero. As an adult,  I now further appreciate the not so subtle themes about war, humanity and the environment…

…And also stomping and Atomic Breath!

If you are not tuned in to the El Rey Network KaiJuly-Roarth Godzilla movie marathon, then tune in now!