Godzilla 2014

Godzilla 2014

I’m having a nostalgic blast watching the KaiJulyRoarth Godzilla movie marathon! Now, I love the old school classic Godzilla films, but I also really like the 2014 Warner Brothers/Legendary Pictures version!

Godzilla Blu-Ray, Dvd, Digital Hd Combo Pack from Warner Bros.

 I just re-watched the original 1954 Godzilla and truly am of the opinion that the 2014 version tastefully acknowledges the significance of Godzilla while bringing the story to modern-day.

Now, of course, I do have some minor gripes but nothing that causes me to dislike the film. Without treading into spoiler territory, I just want to say I wish we would have seen more of Bryan Cranston.

I really enjoyed seeing Godzilla be portrayed as an unlikely hero, saving humanity and the world from the Kaiju, uh, M.U.T.O. that were wreaking havoc!

Personally, it was a slightly morbid treat to see (wIrgun the realm of cinema) two of my former hometowns get leveled by Godzilla and the M.U.T.O. – The island of Oahu, Waikiki area gets flooded and San Francisco gets demolished!

I really enjoyed the soundtrack on this movie as well. Composer Alexandre Desplat did a great job with the music score! The main theme has that classic B-Movie Monster film feel!

I felt emotional the moment where Godzilla was approaching the Golden Gate bridge and he was trying to save the children on the bus. “Godzilla is a hero, stop shooting him, army dudes!” Was what I thinking on the inside as I was trying to act like an adult on the outside.  My favorite moment of Godzilla 2014 has got to be the build up to the….


…Atomic Breath!

Now back to the classics!

If you are not tuned in to the El Rey Network KaiJuly-Roarth Godzilla movie marathon, then tune in now!

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