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Cobra: The Enemy!

Cobra: The Enemy!


Cobra is a Terrorist organization determined to rule the world, and the main opponent of [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]. The evil organization is led by Cobra Commander, but often other members of the organization attempt to usurp his power.

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“You fools!”

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Along with Cobra Commander, there are other members of Cobra’s high ranks: Destro, an arms dealer and weapons manufacturer. The Baroness is the Director of Intelligence. Zartan the master of disguise and Storm Shadow is Cobra Commander’s Ninja bodyguard.



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Aside from having an army of Cobra Troopers, Cobra has advanced weaponry and assault vehicles at their disposal: The Cobra H.I.S.S., the Rattler and the Cobra flight pod nicknamed “Trubble Bubble”.

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“Welcome to the Terror Drome!”

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Cobra has had many bases of operations such as Cobra Temple (Silent Castle), Cobra Missile Command Headquarters and the Terror Drome!

“I was once… a man!”

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In the straight to home video [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]: The Movie, it is revealed that there was a secret society known as Cobra La, who lived in hiding and have existed since before the Ice Age.

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“Cobra… retreat, retreat!”


Cobra Commander was always an interesting character to me, visually and conceptually. He was a walking contradiction. He had all the elements of a hateful fascist leader, but also a very flamboyant color scheme. He was both a menace and a fool. A very bizarre character who you almost sympathize with at times, but is ultimately irredeemable.

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“Go ahead. Make me the scapegoat. My loyal subordinates could testify to my superb stewardship of Cobra. But you don’t have the courage to let them speak!” – Cobra Commander

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