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Yo Joe! G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Yo Joe! [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]: A Real American Hero


The original [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”] 12 inch action figure toy line premiered in the 1960s and was very popular throughout the 60s and 70s.


In the early 1980s, [xyz-ihs snippet=”Hasbro-Text”] and [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Marvel-Text”] decided to reboot the franchise with 3 3/4 scale figures hoping to emulate the success of the [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] action figure line.


The original idea that [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Marvel-Text”] writer and artist Larry Hama was working on was a storyline with Nick Fury and an elite force going up against Hydra called Fury Force. This basic concept was adapted into [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”], A Real American Hero.


The [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”], A Real American Hero animated series premiered in 1985, a while after the toys had been available. Before the series began, the storyline was developed in a [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Marvel-Text”] Comic Book series.

[xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-DVD-Season-1-Volume-1″] [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-DVD-Season-1-Volume-2″]

[xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-DVD-Season-1-Volume-3″]    [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-DVD-Season-2″]

Aside from the toys, animated series and the comic books, there was also a breakfast cereal called [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]: Action Stars cereal which I believe tasted like Cap’n Crunch!

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In 1987 [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]: The Movie was released straight to home video. The animated movie featured the voice talents of Don Johnson, Burgess Meredith and Sgt Slaughter. Originally, Duke was supposed to die, but the movie was rewritten due to negative backlash from fans about Optimus Prime dying in [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Transformers-List”] The Movie.


There has since been five other animated series and two live action feature films based on the [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”] franchise, with the second movie being slightly more faithful to the concept, but nothing beats the [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”] A Real American hero era.


I fondly remember sometime around 1983 I was staying with my family in New York when I got my first [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”] action figure, it was Duke.

[xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Duke”]

If you didn’t know much about [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”], then hopefully you know a little more now… and Knowing is Half the Battle!

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