We’re Still With Ya, Cap!

We’re Still With Ya, Cap!

In light of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers team being fractured because of the events of [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”]: Civil War, you may have heard some spoilers about Comic Book [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”].

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Let’s just say that [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”] has been getting his fair share of attention, and it hasn’t all been good.

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What better way to tribute [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”] than to check out some cool collectibles?

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Fans were divided when [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”] went up against Iron Man in Civil War. There was actual fan outrage over the content of the recent Captain America: Steve Rogers Comic Book.

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We’re going to take a moment to appreciate the Star Spangled Man With a Plan, and let him know we’re still rooting for him!

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I figured we compiled an eclectic selection of Cap goodies to ogle until I came upon this [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Text-Link”] San Diego ComiCon Exclusive! A cape for your chair, what will they think of next?

[xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-CA-SDCC-Cape”]


Are you #TeamCap? Do you think Cap’s heel turn in the Comic Books will stick? I’m betting there is a twist to the controversial story, and we’ll get our good old patriotic [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”] back soon!

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