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The next movie set to release from the D.C. Cinematic Universe is [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Suicide-Squad-List-Text-Link”]. The basic concept of the movie is that a group of villains, possibly brought to justice by Batman, are called together by Amanda Waller to pull off a mission. If they don’t succeed or try to defect, they are taken out by a bomb implanted in their necks. This movie marks the return of the Joker to the big screen, now portrayed by Actor Jared Leto, and also the first on screen interpretation of fan favorite character Harley Quinn who will be played by Margot Robbie. Will Smith is playing Deadshot and Karen Fukuhara will be Katana. There are others in the “Squad” but for now, we will focus on these four key members.

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Katana is a D.C. Comics character who premeired in Brave and the Bold #200. I have never really known Katana to be a Villain, but according to the synopsis, she is actually a volunteer assigned to keep tabs on the Squad.

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The character of Deadshot first appeared in D.C. Comics Batman #59. Originally a hired assasin, later he would become more of an anti-hero and expert marksman. Will Smith will be portraying the cinematic version of Deadshot.

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Brace yourself for the Joker’s fourth live action interpretation, as played by Jared Leto. His controversial new look and crazed antics are sure to spin heads. Let’s see how it turns out! image

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Harley Quinn is one of the few characters in Comic Books who actually first apppeared outside of comics. She was first seen on Batman: The Animated Series. The character struck such a nerve that she was later written into comic book continuity in The Batman Adventures #12.image[xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Suicide-Squad-List-Text-Link”] comes to theaters August 5 2016! Check out more Pop!s here: [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Funko-Company-List-Text”] or click any of the pics for an Affiliate Link to [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-EA-Company-Link-List”]!

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