Collectible Lookout: Pin Mate Wooden Figures

Collectible Lookout

Hey everyone! We are trying out a new feature series at our site to supplement our Posts!

Collectible Lookout will be a series of Posts dedicated to new or unusual Collectibles that we might be curious about or want to share with you. As always, there will be affiliate links available for you to buy the items if you like them, or if they aren’t your cup of tea you can let us know. So, in the spirit of adventure, lets get to it!

Collectible Lookout: Pin Mate Wooden Figures

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My thoughts?

Pros: They’re highly collectible, and not very expensive.

Cons: I think we’re running out of Shelf space!

So, what do you think of these?

Thanks for tuning into our first Collectible Lookout,


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