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Voltron Maquette

Voltron Maquette

The new Voltron series from DreamWorksTV and Netflix is almost here! Take a look at the Sideshow Collectibles Voltron Maquette.

The Voltron Maquette is 27 inches tall and ready to slice any of Haggar’s Robeasts in half!image A wingspan of 14 and a half inches! Take that, Zarkonimage There is some assembly required for this maquette – “And I’ll form the head!”image Incredible attention to detail, and battle damage gives this Voltron an authentic look.imageVoltron the true Defender of the Universe!


Don’t mess with the Blazing Sword!
imageAll of the classic lions are represented, and the color scheme as well!image image imageLight-Up eyes! It’s on now!

From concept to finished product!imageimage

The Voltron Maquette is available for preorder from Galaxy Garrison, I mean, Sideshow Collectibles now!

Go Voltron Force!