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Month: June 2016

Voltron: Ultimate Edition

[xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Voltron-Ultimate-Edition-Text”] From [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Toynami-Company-Text-List”] & available at [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-EA-Company-Link-List”]! 16 inches tall! All five lions are poseable! Multiple points of articulation! [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Voltron-Ultimate-Edition-Text”] Available in October 2016! Check
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Gentle Giant, Ltd. SDCC 2016 PGM Exclusives Revealed!

The [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Gentle-Giant-Text-List”]. San Diego Comic Con 2016 Premier Guild Membership Exclusives have been revealed! [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] Farmboy Luke Skywalker (Yellow hair) ROTJ Jumbo Figure: [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] Farmboy
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Superman: The Man of Steel

[xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Superman-Mezco”] “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!” [xyz-ihs snippet=”EE-Superman-General-List-Text”] first appeared in Action Comics
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Cobra: The Enemy!

Cobra: The Enemy! “Cobraaaaa!” Cobra is a Terrorist organization determined to rule the world, and the main opponent of [xyz-ihs snippet=”GI-Joe-Text”]. The evil organization is led by Cobra
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MegaCon: Tampa Bay

MegaCon: Tampa Bay MegaCon is expanding and heading to Tampa Bay this Fall! Karl Urban from Star Trek and Dredd! Doctor Who and the Purple Man himself, David
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We’re Still With Ya, Cap!

We’re Still With Ya, Cap! In light of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers team being fractured because of the events of [xyz-ihs snippet=”CA-EA-Text-List”]: Civil War, you may have
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[xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Rey-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] is a character played by Actress Daisy Ridley who was first seen in [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Star-Wars-Text-Link”]: The Force Awakens. [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Rey-Star-Wars-Text-Link”] When we first meet [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Rey-Star-Wars-Text-Link”],
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The Vision

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”] The [xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”] first appeared in Marvel Comics Avengers #57 and was created by Roy Thomas, [xyz-ihs snippet=”SS-Stan-Lee-Hot-Toy-Text-Link”] and John Buscema. In the Comics, [xyz-ihs snippet=”Vision-Text-Link”]
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Suicide Squad

[xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Suicide-Squad-List-Text-Link”] The next movie set to release from the D.C. Cinematic Universe is [xyz-ihs snippet=”EA-Suicide-Squad-List-Text-Link”]. The basic concept of the movie is that a group of villains, possibly
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