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Happy Alien Day!

Happy Alien Day! Alien day is a time where we celebrate the world of the Alien franchise! The date 4/26 is a nod to the Moon where the Aliens were discovered on, LV-426. Register here: Alien Anthology to be a part of the celebration, and follow @AlienAnthology to get in on the constest questions.

Alien Xenomorph Funko Pop!

Alien Xenomorph Funko Pop!

The Alien franchise got its start in 1979 as a Sci-Fi/Horror film directed by Ridley Scott. The film could be described as “Jaws in Space”, but I read in an interview that Ridley Scott was also inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Alien film spawned a sequel, this time directed by James Cameron, where Horror took a backseat to  intense Action!

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The franchise would continue with Alien3 and later, Alien: Ressurection. Then the franchise spun off into a crossover series with The Predator franchise with the PG-13 AVP and the rated R AVP: Requiem.

There’s no denying the Alien franchise’s effect on Pop Culture! In fact, Reebok is releasing the Alien Stomper shoes featured in the movie Aliens, as worn by Ripley.

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Alien King Maquette

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