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Amazing Jumbo Secret Wars Spider-Man!

Your friendly neighborhood Nesbot106 here!

If you were a kid in the 1980’s, you probably remember Marvel ComicsĀ huge crossover event, Secret Wars.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book Facsimile Coll TPB

You probably also remember the accompanying Toy line. I personally remember Secret Wars as my kind of gateway into heavily reading comics, and becoming fascinated with the Marvel Universe. Now, I had casually read comics before that, but Secret Wars took it to the next level. The action figures were so cool, as cool as they could be in the 80’s, but my favorite of the line was Spider-Man!

Spider-Man šŸ•·
“Hey, everyone.”

Now power up your nostalgia goggles, because the good people at Gentle Giant LtdĀ have taken it to another level even cooler than you could possibly imagine. They have taken the classic Secret Wars Spider-Man figure and enlarged it to epic proportions, Jumbo even. Take a look at the Jumbo Secret Wars Spider-Man figure from Gentle Giant LtdĀ in closer detail… Come on, let’s!


Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Spider-Man 1:6 Scale Jumbo Figure

“Wall Crawler: Hero or menace?”

"Wall crawler, hero or menace?"

“It’s just your friendly neighborhood Jumbo Spider-Man!”

Spidey Comparison
The Jumbo Spidey towers over the original version!

So there you have it, the Jumbo Secret Wars Spider-Man!

The Gentle Giant Ltd Marvel Secret Wars Spider-Man Jumbo Figure is available for Pre-Order from Entertainment Earth, coming December 2016!

Entertainment Earth